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Pine Extra Ledges
Extra Large Ledges

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Pine Extra Ledge

Product Name:  Pine Extra Ledge

Description:  These ledges are made of chinchilla safe pine.  Chins like them because they provide a perch in the cage that they can to get to as a look out point or a good place to catch a nap.  The edges are sanded to prevent splinters.  Expect for the ledges to get chewed because they are made of wood!  The extra large ledges give chins more room and work well with cages with multiple chinnies in them.  They are much larger than our standard size ledges at 6"x10"x2" in size.  Chins will take quite a while before they can chew through them, they are an excellent value compared to other ledges sold in stores.

A half-inch wrench or socket with wrench is necessary to attach them to the cage.  This allows for the ledge to be attached very tightly without a lot of spinning and movement like other ledge designs.  The fastener is flush against the cage greatly reducing clothing being snagged or skin scratched over using hanger bolts.  There are two fasteners and two washers provided with each ledge. 

Colors available on request:  Blue, Green, Red, Pink, Yellow, Orange and Violet.

AZ Chins Price: 

1 Extra Ledge - $7.00 -

2 Extra Ledges - $12.50 -

3 Extra Ledges - $17.00 -

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