Baby Chinchillas Available for Sale

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Baby Chinchillas Available Right Now....
Deposits may be required to hold chins.

(Male babies are ready to leave at 10 weeks of age and females at 12 weeks. Although there may be exceptions that can go a little earlier or later.)

Available babies:

I am offering specials on standard grey baby pairs for the summer!

(The following chinchillas are currently available or will be in the next two months or less.)


Standard grey - $110 each
Standard grey female pairs - $185 each

Dark ebony - $175
Medium/light ebonies - $135 each


Standard grey - $105 each
Standard grey male pairs - $175 each
Heterozygous Beige - $135 each
Homozygous Beige - $160
Mosaic (White)- $170 each
Dark ebony - $175

If you require photos of any of the above chins, let me know.  Taking pictures can take me quite a bit of time so I will probably not be able to send photos of more than two at a time.  Please let me know which chins you are interested in purchasing.

My next delivery trip to Phoenix is August 1st, 2015
(I need to know that you are wanting a chin before 8 pm on July 29th if you would like a chin to be delivered to you on the 1st.)

Babies are fully pedigreed, they come with a nice care package with a month's worth of supplies and an actual health guarantee.   Buying from an experienced chin breeder is much different from buying from a petstore or off of Craig's List.  You will have someone to stand behind the health of your pet and have someone to contact with questions.  The pricing of my animals is normally lower than what petstores ask for animals without pedigrees or health histories, and my health guarantee is at least 2 to 4 times longer than what is offered elsewhere.

Rescue chins do not come with pedigrees since I do not have histories on them usually.

Cages and supplies are available for delivery or pick up for your new chinchilla.  Please visit the Chinstore for more information on the selection of supplies, chin safe toys and cage designs. 

Please email me at, call 520-399-3697 (my home phone) or 520-490-7873 (cell phone) with any questions you may have. 

Delivery is available to the Tucson and Phoenix Areas.  Please email or call me for details! 
Customers are welcome to come to visit the chins here.

Available Adult Chinchillas:

There are no young adults, most available adults are between 4 and 9 years old.

For a list with pictures please visit the Available Adult Chinchillas page...

How about a rescue chinchilla?

Visit for links to rescue chins.  All will make fantastic pets.  There are rescue chins that need homes now.

If you live in Tucson, we can provide chinchilla supplies to you with free delivery weekly.  Please visit our Chinstore for more information.  My trips to Tucson are usually Thursdays, but there may be other times when I will be in town.  Just let me know what you need and I will bring it the next time I am there.  Weekend delivery days are available on occasion.  I come up to Tucson at least once a week so it is no problem to bring supplies right to your door when you need them.  Delivery trips to Phoenix are the first Saturday of each month.

Chinchilla Purchasing Options:

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