Male - Violet

Wolf - Violet Male Name:  Wolf (PSK - MF29)
Sex:  Male
Color:   Violet

Date of Birth:   1997

History:  Came from PSK Ranch.   Was a Color Champ in Albuquerque show in 2001.

Adopted on:  12-4-2003
Adopted from:  DME Exotics - Colorado


Blue - Violet Male - birth wt. 54 gms
Fred - Black Velvet V/C Male - birth wt. 42 gms
Frank - Black Velvet V/C Male - birth wt. 43 gms
Joy - Violet Female - birth wt. 52 gms
Bobbee - Violet Male - birth wt. 54 gms

Date Died: 9-2009

Cause of Death: Wolf was pretty old for a violet male.  One day he just got a little slower than normal, he just sort of wound down over the course of a couple of years.  He didn't show any signs of illness.  He was about 12 years old when he passed away.

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