Male - Standard Grey

Lincoln - Standard Grey Male Name:  Lincoln (LOO - MJ497)
Sex:   Male
Color:   Standard Grey

Date of Birth:   11-1999

Mother:  (LOO - FF21) (Standard Grey)
Father:  (LOO - MF521) (Standard Grey)

Adopted on:  6-28-2003
Adopted from:  "1WYO" - Wyoming


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Date Died:  8-10-2008

Cause of Death:

Yesterday I found Lincoln acting a little strange.  A couple weeks back his front teeth were not wearing properly and they had to be trimmed.  One tooth seemed to come out of the socket and was loose...later on it fell out.  I think that the cause of death was an infection that started in his mouth.  He was a nine-year-old chinchilla, that isn't old enough but it was just his time to go.   Things just happen that cannot be helped or controlled or prevented.  (The hardest thing about having chinchillas in my life is the fact that I ultimately have no control over what will happen.  There will be accidents and sickness and the chins will eventually pass away.)

I miss him greatly.  It's hard to have a chinchilla for five years and then have him just pass on.  His little personality and face won't be there anymore.  That hurts so much.  Although his picture on this page doesn't show it at all, he was a beautiful little chin.  He was never a problem and was always friendly and happy.

Good bye, little fella.  Having you here was an amazing gift and I will never forget you and your little fuzzy face! 

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