Male - Standard Grey

Ferris - Standard Grey Male Name:  Ferris
Sex:   Male
Color:   Standard

Date of Birth:   8-26-2003

Mother:  Penny (LOO - FG05) (Standard Grey)
Father:  Lincoln (LOO - MJ497) (Standard Grey)

Date Died:  1-12-2005

Cause of Death:

I found Ferris one morning, he had passed away sometime before I found him.  The official cause of death was choke.  Apparently he had choked on some of his food and died.  It was just awful finding him like that!  Things like this happen and nothing at all can be done to prevent them. 

Ferris was a cute little guy, full of mischief and fun.  His cagemates really did miss him when he was gone, they were more of a little family than anything else.  I am so sorry that I couldn't do anything to prevent this from happening.

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