Female - Standard Grey






Zoey - Standard Grey Female



Name:  Zoey  (GAE - FK42)
Sex:   Female
Color:   Standard Grey

Date of Birth: 7-23-2000

Mother:  (GAE - FJ35)
Father:  (GAE - MC36)

Mother's Mother:  (GAE - FE31)
Mother's Father: (GAE - FE16)

Father's Mother:  (GAE - FX40)
Father's Father: (GAE - MS11)

Mother's Mother's Mother:  (GAE - FC32)
Mother's Mother's Father:  (GAE - MC36)

Father's Mother's Mother:  (GAE - FR18)
Father's Mother's Father:  (GAE - MP69) 

Mother's Father's Mother:  (GAE - FB36)
Mother's Father's Father:  (GAE - MR18)

Father's Father's Mother:  (GAE - FN42)
Father's Father's Father:  (GAE - MN44)

Adopted on:  11-11-2004
Adopted from:  "GAE" - Denver, CO


Sam - Standard Grey Male - birth wt. 41 gms
Chapman - Standard Grey Male - birth wt. 43 gms
Jess - Standard Grey Male - birth wt. 48 gms
Moby - Standard Grey Male - birth wt. 45 gms

Date Died:  11-12-13

Cause of Death:  It appeared that Zoey had a massive stroke shortly before she passed away.  She appeared to be fine the morning she died until she started having a stroke and couldn't use the left side of her body.  In less than a hour she passed away.  She was an older chin and this type of thing is not uncommon for a chin over the age of 10 or 11 to have strokes.

Zoey will be very missed.  She was a joy to care for all these years.

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