Female - Heterozygous Ebony

No Picture Available! Name:  Neda
Sex:   Female
Color:   Heterozygous Ebony

Date of Birth:   12-4-2000
Birth Weight:  36 grams

Mother:  Tyra
Father:  Elvis

Died:  12-8-2000

Cause of Death:  From the moment that I first laid eyes on little Neda, I knew that she was weak and had a chance of not making it.  For a couple of days after her birth she seemed to be eating, however she didn't gain any weight.  When she was three days old her littermate bit her in the nose leaving a scabby wound, and she stopped nursing.  Her mother was right over her trying to get her to eat, but she couldn't get her to nurse.  Poor little Neda got very weak with a little rattle noise coming from her chest at about 10:00 pm her third day.  Her mother took care of her to the very end, pushing away her other healthy baby to nurse little Neda.  On the fourth day around 5:00 pm little Neda finally gave up and went to chinnie heaven.  Although we only had her for a short time, we still miss her.  Sometimes kits are just too small and underdeveloped to make it.  It was sad, but I thought it was really sweet to see the mother trying to nurture the little one.

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