Female - Black Velvet

Megan - Black Velvet Female Name:   Megan (AZC - FO37)
Sex:   Female
Color:   Black Velvet

Birth Date:  4-25-2004
Birth Weight:  59 grams

Mother:  Dolly
Father:  Rocky

Date Died: 6-16-2004

Cause of Death:  I am not positive as to what killed Megan.  She was fine until the last day or so, when she started acting lethargic.  Sometimes little baby chinchillas have this happen.  They just get weaker and weaker from something that is not apparent.  Even a highly experienced, skilled veterinarian would have trouble figuring out what happened.  She didn't grow much the last two weeks she was alive as well.  I never think much of this happening because many kits will have a period of a week or two that they will not grow and then will have a growth spurt.  Really the whole situation with Megan is something that is fairly common with young chinchillas.  Young chins just have a higher likelihood of dying than adults, just like any other species. 

I will miss you little Megan.  :o(

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