Female - Heterozygous Beige

Elena - Standard Grey Female Name:   Elena
Sex:   Female
Color:   Heterozygous Beige

Birth Date:  8-24-2002
Birth Weight:  51 grams

Mother:  Ginger
Father:  Gizmo

Died:  August 30th, 2002

Cause of Death:  When Elena was born she looked perfectly healthy.  I was concerned because her eyes seemed small and she didn't want to open them.  She was born in a litter of 4, so there was also the concern about everyone getting enough milk.  When I weighed everyone when the kits were just over 24 hours old, Elena weighed 42 grams.  She lost 9 grams in one day.   I started feeding her Nutrical and kitten milk immediately.  We even took out her three siblings for three hours a day for her to nurse alone.  Her weight was stabilized at 45 grams for three days but then for no reason she started losing weight again.  She dropped down to 34 grams at five days old and I knew that she was in trouble.  I couldn't get her to eat anything at all and her mother tried and tried to nurse her.  This morning I found her laying on her side, she was still warm, she had passed away quietly.  I really wish she could have grown up, I just know she would have been the best chinnie.  Again, there are times when you can't do anything at all to help the babies.  She seemed normal at birth, but there was definitely something wrong.  In a litter so large there is always a chance that someone won't get enough milk or has something wrong with him or her from birth.  But, knowing that still doesn't make it easier to lose them.  :(  I will never, ever get used to dealing with the loss of the little fur balls.  (If you are going to start breeding chinnies, please remember that things can go wrong and you will at some time lose kits.)

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