Female - Brown Velvet

No Picture Available! Name:  Carolyn
Sex:   Female
Color:   Brown Velvet

Date of Birth:   6-19-2003
Birth Weight:    48 grams

Mother:  Disa
Father:  Olle

Died:  6-30-2003

Cause of Death:  Carolyn's mother had trouble right after she was born.  One problem was intestinal prolapse that weakened her and another was a respiratory infection.  Despite attempts to supplement Carolyn, she still passed away.  Disa did her best to feed her and care for her, but I think the baby was too weak for anyone to help.  Poor Disa lost her battle with her problems and died right after the baby.  She was very depressed about it and refused to eat or drink  It was very sad for us to have to see them go through this. 

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