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We have available adult chinchillas...

I have several adult chins that will make great pets, they range in age from about 1 year of age to five years of age or older.   Most of the adult chins that I have are rescues and most of those are in pairs - there are some single chins and a few trios, as well.


Rescue chinchillas have a $45 adoption fee.

Standard grey adults start at $70, mutations are usually $100 or more.


Let me know what type of chin you are interested in and I will see if I have someone, who will work for you.  At this time I will only send pictures to serious inquiries only; we will need to narrow down the choices so I can send pictures of the chins you will be most interested in purchasing.


Let me know if you are interested in chins or supplies.  I will be making at least one trip a month to the Phoenix Area (Chandler, Surprise, Scottsdale, and other nearby areas) to deliver chins and supplies. 

Why an Adult Chinchilla?

The first choice of a pet for many people is a baby chinchilla.  That can have its benefits and drawbacks as well.  Adult chinchillas have already made it through the tougher times in their lives.  Babies are more susceptible to problems and can be much more fragile.  Adults are less accident prone and tend to be harder to place in good homes.  Babies are very active and will take a year or two to calm down so that they are more controllable and holdable.

Generally adults are much less expensive because it is must more difficult to find people that will provide good homes for them.   They come with the same health guarantee and care package as the babies.   Since a chinchilla can live to be 15 years old or older, getting a chin at a year or two (or five or seven) of age isn't going to mean that you are going to have less time with him.   Bonding with an adult chinnie can be a little more difficult sometimes, but it is definitely worth the effort.

Please email me at, call 520-490-7873 (my cell phone, call or text) or 520-399-3697 (home phone) with any questions you may have.  Leave a message with either number if no one answers. 

If you live in Tucson, we can provide chinchilla supplies to you with free delivery.

Please visit our Chinstore for more information.  If you are thinking of buying supplies or toys for your chinchillas, please go check it out!

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