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Transportation Options
Transporting Chinchillas

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Chinchilla Purchasing Options:

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Options for Arizona

Purchasing a chinchilla may  involve a trip to Sahuarita, however I can bring chins to those of you in Tucson without much of a problem. 

Chinchilla viewing and pick up is done by appointment only on Mondays, Wednesdays as well as Saturdays or Sundays.  I need appointments to be made at least two days ahead of time to prepare my schedule.  Contact me to make an appointment, I can try to work out times on other days to accommodate you.

I can also transport a chin anywhere in the Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Scottsdale or Chandler areas.  This means that I will personally deliver chinchillas to you within a few hours of Sahuarita.  Delivery trips to Phoenix are made the first Saturday of each month and possibly more often depending on my customers' needs. 

Delivery fees:

These fees cover my fuel expenses and the wear and tear on my car - it doesn't cover my time!  Appointments can be made for the same day that I will be coming to deliver someone else's chinchilla, the transportation fee for these appointments may end up being less.  Ask me about the next time I will be coming to Phoenix and we may be able to work out an appointment for you.  I like to spread out the cost of delivery to as many people as possible to make it as inexpensive as possible.  Most of the time delivery fees to Phoenix are about $15 to $20, but it depends on how many stops I make.

Shipping Chinchillas

The last option is to transport chinchillas via airline.  This option is only available during those times of the year that it is cool enough, from about November through March.  Please let me know if this is what you would like to do.  I (or the buyer can do it as well) will need to contact the airlines to find out costs and availability of service.  The cost of shipping chinchillas is the responsibility of the buyer.  A health certificate is needed 10 days or less prior to the flight, the cost of this is $30 to $50 depending on which veterinary hospital I can schedule for the certificate.  Also, an animal carrier is needed, I will provide this at a cost of $18.  You will be refunded the $18 if you return the carrier to me.  (The total cost would be the airline fee plus up to $68 upfront.)  I expect payment for everything before going to get a health certificate for the chinchilla!  If you make arrangements on the airline and do not pay me at least a day before the flight, you will not be getting a chinchilla!!

If you would like to pursue the shipping option, please call or email me to let me know to what airport you would like the chinchillas shipped.  I can then get a quote on how much it will cost to ship a chinchilla to you.  The cost that the airlines charge is usually $170 to $250.

Chinchillas may be shipped up to three to a carrier.  I prefer that chinchillas are shipped in pairs so they they will have a buddy for the trip.  It will be the same price for all shipping fees for 2 chinchillas to be sent to you as it is for just one!

This could mean that you may have to have to pay OVER $300 on top of what a chinchilla costs, just to get it to you!  It may be better for you to find a breeder or rescue nearby.  I can try to find someone closer to you if you like.

Directions to Sahuarita:  

Sahuarita is a small community about 20 minutes south of Tucson and just north of Green Valley.  It is easiest to take I-10 East to I-19 South.  I-19 will take you right to Sahuarita Road (exit 75).  I am located approximately nine miles from this exit.  Please call me to schedule an appointment and for the directions to my house.  An appointment is necessary to come see the chinchillas, that means that we have a day and a time scheduled.

Cactus Flowers out of my front yard!!Cactus Flowers out of my front yard!!Cactus Flowers out of my front yard!!

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