Yucca Hanging Toys
Hanging Yucca Chew Toy

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Product Name:  Yucca Hanging Toys

Description:  This is a hanging toy with only yucca pieces for chins to chew.  Yucca is very soft and may appeal more to chins that aren't big chewers.  It may end up being destroyed rather quickly because of its softness.  It comes in a small six inch and large ten inch sizes.  The toy shown in the picture has been dyed different colors, please let me know if you'd prefer a certain color or if you'd like to just leave it natural.  If the color is unspecified, I will just sell what is on hand. 

AZ Chins Price: 

1 ct - 6 inch - $6.25 - Out of Stock

1 ct - 10 inch - $8.25 - Out of Stock

Last Update:  1-19-2013
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