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Chinnie Bug Toys
Sisal/Seagrass/Hardwood Toy

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dragonflyside.jpg (31285 bytes) Product Name:  Chinnie Bug Toys (Dragonfly, Praying Mantis and Killer Bee)

Description:  These are hardwood bug toys made with sisal and seagrass for the wings and legs.  Only chinchilla-safe dyes are used for coloring them. 

Dragonfly toy - Colorful dragonfly for your chin to reduce to nothing in a matter of a few minutes!  I can make this toy whatever color or color combination you would like.  If you do not specify, I will surprise you with whatever color dragonfly I happen to have!  It has two sets of wings, seagrass legs and antennae.  About seven inches in length with a seven inch wingspan.

Praying Mantis toy - Light green praying mantis toy.   He has big bulgy eyes that will most likely get chewed on first.  One set of sisal wings, a hardwood body and seagrass legs and antennae.  He should only come in light green, but I would be happy to make him in different colors if you'd like.  If you do not specify the color, it will come in light green.  This bug is about five inches long.

Killer Bee Toy - Black and yellow bee with sisal wings and seagrass legs and antennae.  This little killer bee is complete with a little stinger!  The killer bee toy is about six inches long.  I could make this toy in different colors, but I have a feeling we should stick to yellow and black! 

Chinnie Spider Toy - Colorful Hardwood Spider with seagrass legs and fangs.  It isn't a completely accurate spider, but the chins don't care.  This can be made in any color you would like with matching color in the seagrass.   The size of the toy may vary slighty with leg length - it is approximately three inches long in the body and the legs are seven inches or so long.   If you do not specify color, I will probably sell a brown spider or whatever color I have in stock.

AZ Chins Price: 

Dragonfly Toy - 1 ct - $3.85 -

Praying Mantis Toy - 1 ct - $3.50 -

Killer Bee Toy - 1 ct - $3.50 -

Spider Toy - 1 ct - $3.25 -

Dragonfly Toy
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Praying Mantis Toy
(Shown In Green and Pink)
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Shelly is dismantling a bee!

Killer Bee Toy
(Shown in Yellow and in Pink)

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Chinnie Spider
(Shown in Purple)

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