Bulk Ocotillo Wood
Delectable Desert Wood for your chins!

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Bulk Ocotillo wood.

Product Name:  Bulk Ocotillo Wood

Description:  It is very hard to describe what Ocotillo wood is like.  It's a very interesting, beautiful wood with a shiny bark - parts of it look almost like amber and some of the bark is silver and color.  One thing is for sure, chins love this wood.  Ocotillo has a soft outer bark layer with a core wood of medium density and hardness.  It is rather fragrant, some people think it smells like fresh baked bread and others say it smells almost like chocolate. 

Our ocotillo is organic and sustainably harvested.  It is baked to perfection and only gathered at certain times during the year.  Ocotillo grows slowly and must be respected so as not to harm the plants when harvesting wood.   It is a very time consuming wood to harvest, clean and prepare for chins so it may not be available year round.

Please let me know if you'd prefer your wood to be a certain size.  We have sticks, chunks and slices.  If you do not let me know what you'd want, you'll get an assortment.  Please email me if you are interested in buying in quantities larger than 1 pound at a time.  It is available in quantities as little as 1/4 lb.

Also, available drilled for use in toys.  The holes are drilled are 1/8" in diameter, let me know if you need a different size hole to be drilled.

AZ Chins Price: 

Undrilled Wood:

1/4 lb - $4.50 - 

1/2 lb - $8.00 -

1 pound - $15.00 -


1/4 lb - drilled - $5.00 -

1/2 lb - $9.00 -

1 pound - $16.00 -

Last Update:  2-17-2013
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