Condo Cage
Small Size Chinchilla Cage

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Front View of Condo Cage

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Side View of Condo Cage

Product Name:  Condo Cage

Description:  This is a good sized cage for one or chinchillas.  The dimensions are 18" (front to back) x 30" (side to side) x 24" high.  It has a full floor on the bottom, two side shelves, and a sleeping ledge at the top.  We use poly pans that will never rust and will outlast the rest of the cage.  The wire used is galvanized after weld wire that will hold up for years without rusting. 

All floors and shelves are made from wire that has 1/2" x 1/2" openings for the safety of your chinchillas.    The outer parts of the cage are made of 1" x 1" wire making it safe for chinchillas that are about six weeks and older - young chins may be able to slip through this spacing.  1/2" x 1" wire is available for the sides and top of the cage if desired.

There is one door in the center of the front of the cage.    I like to keep the depth of cages (front to back distance) to about 18" so that it is easier for people to reach the back of the cage.  I can make changes to the cage to make it a more customized cage to meet your needs.

All materials used in this cage are made in the USA.  It's important to use wire that not only has the correct spacing but also that contains nothing unsafe in the wire itself.  The edging on the shelves, ledge, doors and the insides of the door openings is available in red, blue, black or grey.  (Blue and grey is shown in the pictures.)

The cage is easy to clean with the 3" deep slide out pan.  Every one to three months you will want to thoroughly scrub down your cage to keep it looking new and prevent significant build up on the cage and in the pan.  The pan should be pulled out to remove soiled bedding one to two times each week.

If the cage is being shipped to you, it will be sent folded down and you will need to put it together.  Clips and a pair of special j-clip pliers comes with the cage in this case.  For pick up or delivery the cage is full assembled. 

AZ Chins Price: 

Condo Chinchilla Cage - $95.00 -

Last Update:  9-28-2011
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