Bulk Apple Wood
Organically grown Arizona Apple Wood!

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Bulk Apple wood.

Product Name:  Bulk Apple Wood

Description:  Apple wood is the favorite wood of many chins and other small animals out there.  It is a very safe wood as long as it is prepared properly.  Many people will only give apple wood to their chins because they swear that they will chew on nothing else.

Our apple wood is completely organic and grown in Wilcox, Arizona at 4200 feet elevations.  It meticulously scrubbed and baked to absolute perfection.  Hopefully it will be available year round, but it tends to sell out quickly.

Please let me know if you'd prefer your wood to be a certain size.  We have sticks, chunks and slices.  If you do not let me know what you'd want, you'll get an assortment.  Please email me if you are interested in buying in quantities larger than 1 pound at a time.  It is available in quantities as little as 1/4 lb.  It is also available in lots of small sticks and twigs.

Also, available drilled for use in toys.  The holes are drilled are 1/8" in diameter, let me know if you need a different size hole to be drilled.

AZ Chins Price: 

Undrilled Wood:

1/4 lb - $3.75 -  out of stock

1/2 lb - $6.00 - out of stock

1 pound - $9.00 - out of stock


1/4 lb - drilled - $4.50 - out of stock

1/2 lb - drilled - $7.00 - out of stock

1 pound - drilled - $10.00 - out of stock

Apple Wood Twigs and Sticks:

1/4 lb  - $4.50 - out of stock

1/2 lb - $7.50 - out of stock

1 pound - $11.00 - out of stock

Last Update:  9-1-2013
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