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Payment Options
Paying for Chinchillas

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Chinchilla Purchasing Options:

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Here are options for payment:


Deposits and Holding Chinchillas:

To hold a chinchilla for two weeks I need a 25% deposit with the remainder due upon the buyer taking the chinchilla home.  An additional 25% deposit will be needed to hold the chinchilla for an additional week.   Chinchillas that have not been weaned will be held for one week after weaning for a 25% deposit and each additional 25% will hold them for another week.  Full payment of purchase price will hold a chinchilla for one month (30 days) after it is weaned.  Deposit payments may be made through Paypal (to or money order through the mail sent to: 

Susan Leonetti
HC 70 Box 4003
Sahuarita, AZ  85629

After the paid holding period has ended, a boarding fee of $1.00 a day (per chinchilla) will be charged until the buyer takes the animal into his or her possession. If the animal is not taken within 60 days of initial deposit or after the animal is weaned, the buyer will forfeit a minimum of 50% of the full purchase price to pay for feeding and boarding costs of that animal. The remainder will be sent to the buyer.

Additional boarding fees are at the discretion of the seller and may be waived under special circumstances. Full refunds are given if the buyer decides not to buy an animal before it is weaned. For weaned animals a minimum of 30% of any deposit amount will be taken by the seller and the remainder will refunded at any time after the deposit is given. Refunds are given at the discretion of the seller, so more may be refunded under special circumstances.

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