Female - Silver Mosaic

Zilvia  - Silver Mosaic Female Name:  Zilvia (AZC - F543)
Sex:   Female
Color:   Silver Mosaic

Date of Birth:   5-19-2005
Birth Weight:  55 grams

Mother:  Inga
Father:  Alder


Sweetpea - Standard Grey Female - 63 gms

Date Died: 11-27-2008

Cause of Death: 

Zilvia had some very bad problems in pregnancy.  The babies appeared to have died and she couldn't deliver them.  After going to the vet and trying to induce her, the babies wouldn't come out naturally.  We tried assisting and putting her on antibiotics to keep her from going into shock.  It didn't work and she passed away quietly in my arms.  At the time a c-section and spay wasn't a good option.  There was nothing that could be done and that is very hard for me to deal with right now.

This was a perfectly healthy chinchilla with a good family health history and no previous health problems.  Chinchillas can and do have problems in pregnancy and delivery. 

I miss you, Zilvy.  I am so sorry that you are gone and I would do anything to get you back.  You were beautiful but also so very sweet and loving.  I'm not going to recover from losing you very easily.  I love you, little baby.  I am so sorry, so sorry.

Before you ever consider breeding please ask yourself if you are willing to not sleep for three days and worry constantly about your female chin.   This is not easy, it is the hardest job I have ever done.  Unless you love chinchillas and really want to put forth the effort and are able to take the heartbreak (serious emotional pain) please don't breed chins.  Keep them as pets and love them... 

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