Male - Standard Grey

Wray - Standard Grey Male Name:  Wray
Sex:   Male
Color:   Standard Grey

Date of Birth:   4-9-2003
Birth Weight:    37 grams

Mother:  Chi Chi
Father:  Bumper

Died:  April 25th, 2003

Cause of Death:  Wray was the smallest baby in his litter.  He did very well for the first week of his life and put on weight and grew.  However, during the second week he had some problems.  He stopped nursing from his mother and I had to take over feeding him for her.  At first he was eager to eat, but that slowly tapered off until he didn't want to eat anything near the end.  The cause of death had to be something that wasn't going correcting internally, or something wasn't properly formed.

This little guy was a real fighter and I am very sad to see him go.  He would have made a amazing pet had the limitations of his little body not taken him so soon.

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