Thor Jr.
Male - Silver Mosaic

No Picture Available! Name: Thor Jr.
Sex: Male
Color: Silver Mosaic

Date of Birth: 1-1-2000
Birth Weight: 50 grams

Mother: Olga
Father: Thor

Died: 1-1-2000

Cause of Death: Olga went into labor at about 7:00 am on New Years Day of 2000. She had Asta without a problem, and she seemed to be having tremendous difficulty with the second baby. So at 9:00 am I called my vet. No one was at my vet's office, so I called around to emergency animal clinics. None of the clinics I called had vets on call that had experience with chinchillas or chinchilla midwifery. Finally at around 4:30 pm I found a hospital with a vet on call that had some experience with chinchilla c-sections. I thought we might have a chance because I could still feel the second baby still moving. We got in the car and headed for the animal hospital. However, about 20 minutes later Olga gave birth to a beautiful silver mosaic male. We were so happy that Olga was alright, but soon we found out that the little baby didn't make it. From this tragedy I learned about the amazing effects that a bumpy car ride can have on a chinchilla in labor, and I also learned that chinchillas must have their babies within a few hours or the babies will not make it. Now I have a 24 hour emergency number for a veterinarian in case we ever have another problem like this.

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