Male - Standard Grey

This is the only picture of Sven that I have left. Name:  Sven.
Sex: Male
Color: Standard Grey

Date of Birth: 9-3-1999
Birth Weight: 57 grams

Mother: Olga
Father: Thor

Died:  4-12-2000

Cause of Death:  Sven died after breaking his neck in his exercise wheel.  I came down stairs one morning and found him just hanging from the wheel.  His head and neck were stuck between the actual wheel and the wheel's axle.  His death really upset me, I took every wheel out of every cage and threw them all away.  Please be careful with anything you put in your chinchilla's cage.  As for exercise wheels, make sure that there is no space that a chinchilla can slip into and get hurt.  Wheels have been known to cause broken legs as well, in Sven's case the wheel  led to the death of a very beautiful chinchilla.

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