Male - Violet Mosaic

Ricardo - Violet Mosaic Male Name:  Richardo
Sex:   Male
Color:   Violet Mosaic

Date of Birth:   11-22-2003
Birth Weight:    49 grams

Mother:  Bella
Father:  Von

Date Died: 12-20-2003

Cause of Death:  We found Ricardo in his cage and he was behaving like he had low blood sugar.  This is fairly common in young, nursing chinchillas and usually most babies can be saved by supplementing them when they have episodes like this.  I noticed that his mother wasn't producing much milk so we put Ricardo in with another female.  She had a baby about the same age and was willing to nurse him.  Ricardo got bitten on his nose by her baby and had problems breathing.  He died the next day not of low blood sugar problems but because of the injury he sustained from the other kit.  Be very careful when fostering out babies to new moms with kits!  It only took a few minutes for the babies to fight. I feel so awful about this and wish that I could have done things differently.

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