Female - Ebony Mosaic

Princess - Ebony Mosaic Female Name:  Princess (AZC-FO52)
Sex:  Female
Color:   Ebony Mosaic

Date of Birth:   6-1-2004
Birth Weight:  56 grams

Mother:  Cerridwyn
Father:  Dash

Died:  6-7-2004

Cause of Death:  Princess was actually a very healthy little baby.  She was as sweet as a little chinnie could ever possibly be and she was absolutely beautiful.  Her mother must have had some trouble during her birth because there was a small cut on the end of her tail.  It was almost like she was born breech and her mother pulled her by the tail.  I didn't think too much of it. 

Last night I noticed that little Princess sounded like she had some congestion in her nose, that is normally indicative of a respiratory infection.   Small kits are very susceptible to these types of infections and infections can easily spread from wounds.  Most of the time kits have no problems with small cuts, but there are exceptions from time to time. 

Early this morning (around 4:45 am) Princess was very weak.   I knew she wasn't going to make it.  There is so little that can be done for small kits when something like this happens.  Antibiotics can cause more harm than good and they get worse very quickly.  Princess snuggled under her mother until she passed away around 6 am.  There was no way to get her to the vet at that early hour.  

I blame myself completely for this!  There really is nothing I could do, but at the same time I keep telling myself that I should have tried.   Princess was such a sweet little chin, she completely stole my heart in the short time she was here and will be missed.  When breeding chinchillas or any other animal, these types of things happen and nothing can be done to prevent them and very little else can be done for treatment.  :(  I am so sorry little Princess, I would have loved to see you grow into a big chinnie!

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