Female - Ebony-Beige Cross (Tan)

No Picture Yet!! Name:  Nona
Sex:   Female
Color:   Ebony-Beige Cross

Date of Birth:   1-15-2001
Birth Weight:   45 grams

Mother:  Gretchen
Father:  Lars

Mated With:  Dolph

Date Died:  5-6-2004

Cause of Death:  I don't know what happened to Nona.  She just wore down over a few days for what seemed like no reason.   It had to be something internal that even the vet couldn't find without doing an autopsy.  There were no signs of contagious disease or that she had heart problems or tooth problems or anything else that would have caused her death.  It's a mystery!

Not knowing why a pet died is one of the worst feelings.  I keep thinking that it was something that I did wrong, but no one else had this problem and everyone else seems to be thriving.  With any animals things just happen that are completely beyond the control of anyone.  This must have been one of those things, not that it makes it any easier to deal with.

I'll miss you, Nona!  I miss your friendly little face and your cute little way of picking through your hay every night.  You are still loved even though you are gone. 

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