Female - Heterozygous Ebony

No Picture Available. Name: Melia
Sex:   Female
Color:   Heterozygous Ebony

Date of Birth:   8-6-2003
Birth Weight:   32 grams

Mother:  Kelsa
Father:  Rhett

Died:  8-6-2003

Cause of Death:  Melia only lived for a few hours.  When I found her after her birth she was cold and not moving.   I tried to warm her up and opened up her little closed eyes.  She was a tiny little chinchilla and wasn't breathing well.  After she was dry I put her back in with her mother.  Melia didn't try to nurse so I gave her a little Nutrical just to give her a little something but she refused it.  I put her back in with her mother and checked on her every twenty minutes or so.  She slowly faded and finally passed on.  I know that she was small and just wasn't meant to survive, but that doesn't make it any easier.  If she had been able to grow up, she would have been a sweet, beautiful chinnie.  :(

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