Female - Ebony Mosaic

Lily - Ebony Mosaic Female Name:  Lily
Sex:  Female
Color:   Ebony Mosaic

Date of Birth:   10-25-03
Birth Weight:  47 grams

Mother:  Cerridwyn
Father:  Dash


Terrie - Light Tan Female - 52 gms
Mary - Silver Mosaic Female - 56 gms
Kolbie - Medium Ebony Male - birth wt. 46 gms
Bevin - Standard Grey Male - birth wt. 39 gms

Date Died:  10-30-2013

Cause of Death: Lily died after she had been in decline a few months.  It could have been age related since she was 10 years old, possibly a liver issue but we weren't completely sure.  She was a very good little girl and she will be missed horribly.  Her babies have the same sweet, kind personality that she had.

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