Female - Silver Mosaic

Lara - TOV Mosaic Female Name:   Lara
Sex:   Female
Color:   TOV Mosaic

Birth Date:  3-15-2003
Birth Weight:  63 grams

Mother:  Dolly
Father:  Rocky

Died:  3-23-2003

Cause of Death:  Lara was doing very well for the first few days of her life, she was putting on weight and seemed very active.  Then a few days ago she started losing weight for no reason.  Two days ago she stopped nursing on her mother completely and I had to start feeding her with an eye dropper.  I was able to stabilize her weight, but it wasn't good enough.   She got weaker and weaker despite a feeding every hour to two hours. 

This morning I found her under her mother, she had passed away since her last feeding at 4 am.  Most likely she had died of some internal problem that didn't allow her to digest food properly and absorb the nutrients from the milk.   She lost her appetite and didn't want to eat on her own, as well.  Little Lara will be missed even though she was with us for such a short time.

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