Male - Ebony Mosaic

Jesse - Ebony Mosaic Male Name:  Jesse (AZC - MO83)
Sex:  Male
Color:   Ebony Mosaic

Date of Birth:   11-13-2004
Birth Weight:   45 grams

Mother:  Emera
Father:  Jan

Date Died: 11-20-2004

Cause of Death:

Jesse seemed to be a little weak the last few hours he was alive.   Which is strange because he has been a little ball of energy since he was first born.  He probably had something wrong that made him a little weaker than the other babies.  Jesse was nursing and starting to eat pellets and hay.  I really don't know what happened with him.  Kits will pass away for what seems like no reason.   It's really sad because he was a really cute little thing.  :(

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