Female - Heterozygous Beige

Ilse - Heterozygous Beige Female Name:  Ilse
Sex:   Female
Color:   Heterozygous Beige

Date of Birth:   4-3-2003
Birth Weight:   45 grams

Mother:  Athena
Father:  Hermes


Pinkie - Heterozygous Beige Female - 56 gms
Farrah - Heterozygous Beige Female - birth wt. 62 gms
Andy - Heterozygous Beige Male - birth wt. 62 gms
Corie - Standard Grey Female - birth wt 49 gms

Date Died:  4-2008

Cause of Death: I'm unsure about what caused Ilse's death.  It was most likely an infection of some sort.  It was difficult because she was nursing a baby at the time.  Ilse lost quite a bit of weight in a short time before she passed.  I wish that I had known something was wrong a little sooner.

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