Female - Standard Grey

No Picture Available. Name:  Hope (AZC - FO23)
Sex:   Female
Color:   Standard Grey

Date of Birth:   2-16-2004
Birth Weight:   56 grams

Mother:  Emera
Father:  Jan

Died:  February 27, 2004

Cause of Death:  I am not sure if Hope was a breech birth baby chin.  When I found her after she was born the tip of her tail was missing and her front left paw had been very badly damaged to the point where it would never be normal.  Her injuries were consistant with a breech birth, her mother could have unintentionally caused them.  Hope did very well up until I found her collapsed at the bottom of her cage.  I'm not sure if she died from the stress of her birth injuries or her mother charged her.  Many times mother chins will kill babies with injuries or sicknesses.  We did our best to keep her with us but little Hope had to pass on. 

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