Male - Standard Grey

Mvc-106f.jpg (44104 bytes) Name:  Herb
Sex:   Male
Color:   Standard Grey

Date of Birth:   6-14-2003
Birth Weight:   64 grams

Mother:  Ingrid
Father:  Hans

Died:  6-16-2002

Cause of Death:  Herb was a breech birth kit.  He came out with his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck, but we thought he would make it because he appeared to be pretty active for the first day or so of his life.  He was a very large kit and very beautiful.  His size made the birth much more difficult on his mother.  I'm pretty sure that he sustained some type of brain damage during his delivery and that is probably what made him pass on.  He nursed the first day and stopped eating completely after that.  It didn't look he was weak, he was more shakey than anything.  I found him in the cage with his mother over him trying to nurse.  It was very sad.  These things happen when raising chinchillas, they are completely beyond any person's control.

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