Male - Heterozygous Beige

No Picture Available. Name:  Hansie
Sex:   Male
Color:   Heterozygous Beige

Date of Birth:   6-9-2004
Birth Weight:   60 grams

Mother:  Ingrid
Father:  Hans

Died:  6-12-2004

Cause of Death:  This is one of those cases where the cause of death is unknown and really couldn't be determined.   Hansie started out as a large, healthy-looking kit.  He was fine for a few hours and then started acting like there was something a little off about him.  He was nursing fairly well up until the last day.  I tried my best to supplement him and he was eating, but it wasn't enough.  Sometimes things aren't quite right with kits and there may not be anything really wrong with them.  Kits can and will die from what seems like no reason at all.  That doesn't make it any easier.  I still sobbed for an hour when Hansie passed. 

You will be missed, little guy!  I wish that there was more I could have done to save you.  :(

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