Male - Standard Grey

No Picture Available. Name:  Gray
Sex:   Male
Color:   Standard Grey

Date of Birth:   2-10-2002
Birth Weight:   34 grams

Mother:  Disa
Father:  Olle

Died:  February 10, 2002

Cause of Death:  Poor little Gray was small when he was born and very, very chilled.  His mother gave birth to him and then immediately after had his sister.  By the time I found him he was barely alive.   He was very cold and not moving.  We warmed him up and he seemed like he was fine.  However, a few hours later the little guy just stopped breathing and passed on.  He must have died because he was small, premature and was chilled after being born.  I am very sad about this, is it possible that I could have saved him if I had gone into the chinchilla room a half an hour earlier that Sunday morning?  He will be missed.  :(

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