Female - Ebony Mosaic

Faye - Ebony Mosaic Female Name:  Faye
Sex:  Female
Color:   Ebony Mosaic

Date of Birth:   10-25-03
Birth Weight:  42 grams

Mother:  Cerridwyn
Father:  Dash


Mannie - Heterozygous Ebony Male - 48 gms
Virgie - Pink White Female - 40 gms
Luce - Ebony Mosaic Male - 42 gms
Lenci - Standard Grey Male - 38 gms

Date Died: 2-22-2008

Cause of Death: 

I went in to check on the chins and she was just gone.   It appears that she died from choke.  I can't say anything more...I am so upset.  I raised her from a tiny baby and now she's just gone.

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