Male - Standard Grey

Delling - Standard Grey Male Name:  Delling
Sex:   Male
Color:   Standard Grey

Date of Birth:   4-9-2003
Birth Weight:   57 grams

Mother:  Krista
Father:  Halden

Died:  July 9, 2003

Cause of Death:  Delling choked on some food and passed away very quickly.  He was fine that morning and I heard some wheezing noises coming from his cage.  Immediately I took him out to check on him.   He passed away in my arms within in a few minutes.  This is accident that can happen and can't be prevented.  It is a very rare occurance, but it does happen and is in no way indicative of a genetic problem and is not contagious.  Delling was just very unlucky to have this accident happen to him.

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