Female - TOV Mosaic

Candie - TOV Mosaic Female Name: Candie (AZC - F903)
Sex:   Female
Color:   TOV Mosaic

Birth Date:  1-19-2009

Mother: Bambi
Father:  Cisco

Date Died:  4-24-2013

Cause of Death:  Candie died because she had problems delivering a very large kit.  On Wednesday, April 24, 2013 I went to check on her and her back legs were splayed out and she was barely breathing.   We were able to help her deliver her kit, but she died very shortly afterwards.   The kit weighed 97 grams, which is nearly double what our average kits have weighed.  I called the vet but she would never have made the car ride there. 

Losing Candie was very difficult.  She was a big, gorgeous female that I just loved so much.  She was so sweet and so well behaved.  Just beautiful inside and out.  It's not that losing any chin isn't difficult, but losing a chinchilla like her is unthinkable.  One moment she was a healthy pregnant female getting ready to deliver a baby, who could be immensely special and the next she and her kit were just gone. 

She definitely was one of those chinchillas that I will never forget, she will live on in my heart and my thoughts.  I'm struggling with losing her because I keep thinking that somehow I could have known that she was carrying such a large kit, but how could anyone know that?  (Think about this before breeding chins!!)  

Rest in Peace my darling baby girl.  I will always love you and never forget how sweet and gentle you were.  I wish so much I could have saved you and that you were still here with me. 

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