Female - Black Velvet

Bambi - Black Velvet Female Name:  Bambi   (LOO - FG03)
Sex:   Female
Color:   Black Velvet

Date of Birth: 5-2000

Adopted on:  6-28-2003
Adopted from:  "1WYO" - Wyoming


Willie - Standard Grey Male - birth wt. 59 gms
Ruby - Black Velvet Female - birth wt. 48 gms
Bambi II - Standard Grey Female - birth wt. 47 gms
Candie - TOV Mosaic Female - birth wt. 64 gms
Tato - Black Velvet Male - birth wt 45 gms

Date Died: 2-20-2011

Cause of Death:

Bambi was a big beautiful girl.  She was a great mama to her kits, as well.  At nearly 11 years of age she had some problems with her kidneys.  We're not sure exactly what happened, it could have started before she came here.  She went into decline in January 2011 and just couldn't be saved, she didn't recover.  We had to say goodbye to her.  She was a darling, sweet girl and I loved her very much! 

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