Male - Standard Grey (Ebony Carrier)

Arne - Standard Grey Ebony Carrier Name:  Arne
Sex:   Male
Color:   Standard Grey Ebony Carrier

Date of Birth:   7-25-2001
Birth Weight:   56 grams

Mother:  Gretchen
Father:  Lars

Died:  August 11th, 2002

Cause of Death:  This morning I found Arne on the floor of his cage, he was acting very strange and his fur was everywhere.  Apparently he hit his head very hard and was having fairly violent seizures.  We rushed him to the animal hospital.  The vet said that there was nothing he could do but put the animal down.  :(  He said that sometimes the animals get better after a blow to the head, but Arne didn't look too good because he believed that the little guy fractured his skull somehow.  It was pretty apparent that he was suffering from pretty bad brain damage.  We took Arne home and he didn't get any better.  He just wanted hop around the cage and occasionally sit down.   Eventually he went to sleep and when I came back to check on him, he was gone.   I have no idea how Arne did this to himself!  He had a exercise wheel, so I am guessing that he fell off and had it hit him square in the head or something.  Or maybe another chin was running and he got smacked in the head that way.  (Having one wheel in a cage full of chins that want to use it probably isn't a good idea.)  I miss my Arne!!  He was a sweet, gentle, smart little guy that always made sure to stick his nose through the cage wires for scratches and kisses.  I should have learned my lesson before about wheels with what happened with Sven.  It's all my fault that Arne got injured. 

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